Make your own medical apps!: Resources to get you started

Mobile apps are a popular way to access medical information. One potential problem with using medical apps, however, is that many are not developed or created with input from medical professionals. Medical students, residents, physicians, and other healthcare workers can help improve the quality of medical apps by providing their expertise during the app development process. App creation also provides an opportunity to get involved in entrepreneurial projects and to learn more about technology. Here are some resources that you might want to consider if you’re interested in creating your own medical apps:

Medical App 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the world of health & medical apps (from

Application of low-cost methodologies for mobile phone app development (PMID: 25491323)

Enabling Psychiatrists to be Mobile Phone App Developers: Insights into App Development Methodologies (PMID: 25486985)

Android Developer (free information about creating Android apps provided by Google/Android, can also purchase access to a video training program)

Washington University also offers formal courses about app development and programming via their Professional Education Technology & Leadership Center:

For inspiration, check out some apps that were developed by, or received content/editorial information from Washington University School of Medicine faculty: