New Biostatistics guide now available

Check out the new Biostatistics Guide on the Bernard Becker Medical Library website, created in collaboration with the Center for Biostatistics and Data Science (CBDS) within the Institute for Informatics, Data Science and Biostatistics. It provides resources and references for frequently asked questions related to biostatistical analyses for research projects. The Biostatistics Consulting Service within the CBDS hopes that this curated collection of biostatistics resources will empower researchers on campus who are interested in developing and/or extending their statistical knowledge and computing skills with self-directed online learning resources.

The current release provides a comprehensive guide for power analysis and sample size, that includes a variety of resources under the following headings; Introductory Reference Materials, Fundamentals, How-To Guides and Examples, Tools to Select the Right Statistical Test and Effect Size Measurement, Validated Calculators (Free Online Tools), Downloadable Software (Free and For Purchase) and more.

Work to create additional guides for a variety of biostatistics topics is ongoing. The new Biostatistics Guide will be updated regularly with more resources added over time.  Your feedback is very important to help us provide a useful guide.

If you have questions and feedback about the Biostatistics Guide or ideas for potential biostatistics topics that could be added to this new guide, please reach out to