New Exhibit: “Introducing the Book – The Title Page from 1500-1900”

How many of you take the time to look at a title page when you buy a new book? Most of the time there’s no real need to do so – we can read the book’s title and author right on the front cover. Hundreds of years ago, however, the title page played a much more important role. During the early modern period, when printed books were first becoming popular, books were usually either sold unbound or with simple paper wrappers. Therefore, the title page was responsible for both providing information about a work and luring prospective buyers.

The exhibition “Introducing the Book: The Title Page from 1500-1900” examines how the title page has evolved over time, from simple covers, to beautiful works of art, to the modern title pages of today. The exhibit is on display now through Feb. 1, 2018, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Glaser Gallery on the seventh floor of Bernard Becker Medical Library. Free and open to the public.