Check out our New and Improved WUSTL REDCap Confluence Documentation!

The WUSTL REDCap Confluence Documentation recently received a major upgrade following the migration from version 7 and system update to version 14.  The documentation contains several pages of information, shareable links, and tools to help WUSTL REDCap users work more efficiently in the WUSTL Instance of REDCap.  Some highlights include:

1. A new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page curated and maintained by the I2DB and Becker Library REDCap Support Teams populated with questions asked by WUSTL REDCap users:

2. REDCap Training Resources including links to Becker Library’s popular 1) REDCap Workshop Recordings and 2) Introduction to REDCap Series.

3. A User Rights Definition Page with 1) links to specific sections of “rights” or “privileges”, 2) an explanation of each “right,” and 3) additional considerations useful when determining if a REDCap Project Team Member should be granted a specific “right”

4. A Basic REDCap Terminology page that contains terms that will help you navigate all the other pages in REDCap Confluence.  If you familiarize yourself with and use these terms when searching these pages, you will find the answers you need faster.

In addition to these highlights, there are also updated REDCap Policies, Acknowledging WUSTL REDCap, and New Feature Lists pages.  The New Features Lists contain detailed logs of changes following REDCap system upgrades. The most recent upgrade (Upgrade 14.0.7 Detailed Features Changes List) consists primarily of security and bug fixes.  You can also browse feature lists of previous upgrades to see what other features are available.  For example, when our system was upgraded to version 12.0.33 (Upgrade 12.0.33 LTS Detailed Features Changes List) there were several new features added.

We will continue to add useful information to the WUSTL REDCap Confluence as it is created.  To keep up with everything REDCap, join our WUSTL REDCap User Community Teams page.  If you have questions about any of the information you see in the REDCap Confluence Documentation or would like information added, please email Chris Sorensen (