Read by QxMD Institutional Version Now Available

We are happy to announce that the institutional version of the Read by QxMD app is now available through Becker Medical Library. During March 2017, we hosted a trial of the journal reading app which was a great success, and we received positive feedback from many users.

The Read by QxMD app allows you to find and access journal articles quickly and easily on your mobile device. The institutional edition provides “one tap” access to full-text articles, even when off the medical campus (must have a Becker proxy account).

If you installed the Read by QxMD app during the trial period then you should be good to go (no need to re-install).

If you haven’t installed/set-up the Read by QxMD app, please follow the instructions in our mobile resources guide.

The Read by QxMD app is available for Android and Apple devices. It can also be accessed via a web app.

Please contact Angela Hardi ( if you have questions or experience problems installing or setting up the app.