Resource spotlight: ‘Natural Medicines’

Is vitamin C really effective for preventing a cold?  Will an herbal supplement interact with prescribed medication? It can be difficult to find trustworthy information about dietary supplements, natural medicines and alternative therapies. With 53% of adults reporting that they take at least one dietary supplement1, it is important to find reliable information to provide optimal patient care. Becker Library provides an evidence-based resource with reliable information: Natural Medicines. 

Natural Medicines provides information summaries about supplements and complementary therapy. Users can search by the name of a supplement, practice, or by a health condition. Each summary includes a general description and information about safety and adverse effects:

Screenshot of website results
Screenshot of website results

Another useful feature is the Interaction Checker. This allows users to check if a supplement may interact with a prescribed medication: 

There are many other features in Natural Medicines that can be explored. If you have any questions about using Natural Medicines, please contact 


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