Robert E. Shank Papers available online via Industry Documents Library partnership

Robert E. Shank

Becker Library is pleased to announce a partnership with the University of California San Francisco’s Industry Documents Library to provide online access to the Robert E. Shank Papers.

Over 100,000 pages from Becker Library Archives’ Robert E. Shank Papers were digitized for this project. The files are included as part of the Food Industry Documents portal, which is hosted by the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management. This online repository includes documents from many archival institutions across the country with collections related to the food industry and includes documents on food advertising, marketing, regulatory activities, and scientific research.

Robert Shank, MD, was head of Washington University School of Medicine’s Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. He was nationally recognized for his nutrition research, and he served on numerous professional societies and food industry associations including the National Research Council’s Food and Nutrition Board.

Shank’s documents that are now available in the Industry Documents Library include proceedings from professional conferences he attended, as well as his diet and nutrition research, various nutrition committee reports, and his correspondence with other food industry researchers.