MetaCore is an integrated software suite for functional analysis of a variety of types of data including next-generation sequencing, variation, copy number, microarray, metabolic, SAGE, SNP, siRNA, microRNA, proteomics and screening data. MetaCore is based on a proprietary manually curated database of:

  1. Transcription factors, receptors, ligands, kinases, drugs, metabolites, and other molecular classes
  2. Species-specific directional interactions between proteins, proteins and DNA or RNA, drugs and their targets, and other bioactive molecules
  3. Signaling and metabolic pathways represented on maps and networks
  4. Ontologies for diseases and processes with hierarchical or graphic output

MetaCore is available to the Washington University community for an annual license cost of $550 per user. The MetaCore license year runs from September to September, with licenses renewing automatically. License costs cannot be prorated.

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If you have any questions about MetaCore, please contact Marcy Vana at or 314-362-2796.