SnapGene molecular biology software allows you to easily plan and simulate your DNA manipulations, visualize ORFs, reading frames, and primer binding sites, automatically record steps in a cloning project, and share annotated sequence files with other researchers.

SnapGene is available to the Washington University community in the annual license packages listed below (Mac or PC).

  • 1-pack = $147.50 (per year)
  • 2-pack = $247.50 (per year)
  • 3-pack = $322.50 (per year)
  • 4-pack = $397.50 (per year)
  • 5-pack = $447.50 (per year)
  • 6-pack = $497.50 (per year)
  • 7-pack = $547.50 (per year)
  • 8-pack = $597.50 (per year)
  • 9-pack = $647.50 (per year)
  • 10-pack = $697.50 (per year)
  • any additional license thereafter is $42.50 (per year)

The SnapGene license year runs from November to November, with license costs prorated for users that sign up in the middle of the license year.

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If you have any questions about SnapGene, please contact Marcy Vana at or 314-362-2796.