#SciComm Seminars

What good is discovery if you can’t share it?

Join Becker Medical Library and the Center for Health & Science Communication for our series of events — all about Communicating Your Science — featuring WashU faculty and staff, plus expert guests from the St. Louis community. Hear valuable perspectives on crafting and disseminating stories about science for any audience, including grantors, scientists from other fields, the public and the media.

All members of the WashU and medical center community are welcome to attend! Questions? Contact Mychal Voorhees at (314) 362-4734 or mychal.voorhees@wustl.edu.

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The Translational Science Benefits Model: Moving Beyond Traditional Measures of Research Impact

2-3 p.m., March 9., 2023, Zoom

Stephanie Andersen
Manager of Research Translation
Center for Public Health Systems Science
Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis

Researchers have historically focused on tracking scientific outputs like publications and grants, but how does research lead to things that actually improve the world around us? In this session, learn how to plan for, track, and demonstrate the impact of your research in the broader community with the new Translating for Impact toolkit.

Join the Zoom webinar using the following link: wustl-hipaa.zoom.us/j/94352834896.

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Presented by:

Bernard Becker Medical Library and the Center for Health and Science Communication

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