Explore the revised and updated Becker Systematic Review Guide

Are you considering embarking on a systematic review project? The newly revised and updated Becker Library Systematic Review Guide walks you through the process of working on a systematic review—from developing your research question and forming a project team, through conducting the literature search and writing your manuscript.

Highlights of the guide include:

  • Becker Systematic Review (SR) Service: Learn about Becker Library’s comprehensive systematic review service and submit a systematic review request form.
  • Guidelines: Learn about guidelines from PRISMA, Cochrane and IOM/Academies of Science that you should keep in mind when working on your systematic review.
  • Screening and Data Extraction: Find information about software like DistillerSR and Covidence that can be used during the data screening/extraction process.
  • Other Types of Reviews: Not all research questions are a good fit for systematic reviews. Learn about other types of reviews, like scoping reviews and rapid reviews.

Please contact askbecker@wustl.edu if you have any questions about Becker Library’s Systematic Review Service.