#SciComm Thursdays are back! See last season’s top 5 takeaways.

In 2017, Becker Library began a collaboration with the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences for a new monthly series, #SciComm Thursdays. Over the course of nine sessions, more than 18 faculty, staff, and journalists shared their best practices and pro-tips for communicating clearly about science.

This fall, monthly #SciComm Thursdays are back, kicking off with Communicating Genetic Test Results on Oct. 11 (4-5 p.m. in Moore Auditorium, RSVPs here are encouraged), featuring speakers Patricia Dickson, MD (Division Chief, Genetics and Genomic Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics), Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry), Jonathan W Heusel, MD, PhD (Professor, Pathology & Immunology and Genetics departments), and Jessica Mozersky, PhD, MBE (Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of General Medical Sciences).

As the series launches again here are a few quick science communication tips from last season’s speakers:

  1. Scientists are trained to go into detail and dig deeper, but that makes it hard to communicate simply. It’s important to find a way to relate to our audience through simplicity so they trust us as communicators. (Dr. Indira Mysorekar, Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology)
  2. When working in teams, encourage deference to each person’s expertise, not their rank. (Dr. Andrew Knight, Associate Professor, Olin Business School)
  3. When giving a presentation, remember that you are the speaker, not your slides. (Dr. Victoria Fraser, Chair, Department of Medicine)
  4. Don’t say no to the opportunity to review grants for foundations as a means to see inside the organization. (Dr. Gwen Randolph, Emil R. Unanue Professor, Pathology & Immunology)
  5. If you have something newsworthy to promote or share, be sure to let Medical Public Affairs know earlier rather than later. (Judy Martin-Finch, Medical Public Affairs)

For more great tips from last season, you can download most of the #SciComm 2017-18 series talks from Digital Commons@Becker.