May 2024 Scholarly Communications Round-up

Learn more about SciENcv and using ORCID to build the new NSF biographical sketch, the new Elsevier Transformative Agreement, and the revised Public Access Policy for the Gates Foundation.

SciENcv, NSF and ORCID

SciENcv has added the NSF Biographical Sketch and NSF Current and Pending Support templates required for NSF proposals submitted on or after May 20, 2024. For information please see NSF’s recently recorded webinar: Implementing the Common Forms for the Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support. (SciENcv info starts at 25:22) The NSF recommends researchers take advantage of ORCID when building their NSF Biographical Sketch.

To learn more about using ORCID, register for the upcoming virtual Becker Library session held on June 20: ORCID: How to make it work for you.

Elsevier Transformative Agreement

Washington University Libraries and Bernard Becker Medical Library announce a new and transformative open access agreement with Elsevier, January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2027, that provides access to additional journal content, makes it free to read and share, and offers WashU authors open access publishing at no cost.

The agreement grants access to more content from the Elsevier ScienceDirect journal collection, encompassing eight new Cell Press journals. Under the agreement, WashU corresponding authors are eligible for waivers and discounts on APCs for open access articles in journals from three journal bundle collections. 

The journal bundles under the agreement are:

  • Hybrid Journals, including Cell Press 
  • Gold (Open Access) Journals  
  • Gold (Open Access) Cell Press and Lancet Journals 

For more information, see: Elsevier APC Waivers and Discounts for WashU Authors.

Gates Foundation Revised Public Access Policy

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation updated their open access policy, 2025 Open Access Policy, to require grantees make their research publications available as preprints. The foundation will no longer pay for article processing charges. The revised policy takes effect January 1, 2025. Related reading: Will the Gates Foundation’s preprint-centric policy help open access? Nature News. April 4, 2024.


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