NCBI My Bibliography: New Interface

A new version of NCBI My Bibliography was launched earlier this week and includes a new interface. Other features include a color-coded view of compliance status, filtering by compliance status, and functionality on your phone.

One big change is that the “My Bibliography” and “Other Citations” collections have been combined into one collection. This will affect users who used the two collections to track and report their own publications, and publications that they did not author, but arose from their NIH award.

Citations that were in an “Other Citations” collection before the new interface was released have been merged into a “My Bibliography” collection and are labeled with an ‘Other Citations’ tag.

NCBI expects additional features to be released over the upcoming weeks including adding or removing tags from citations, filtering by collection, and an option to decide which citations should appear in a public collection.

If you have any feedback about the new changes, please submit your comments to the NCBI folks.

UPDATE: If you used the “Other Citations” collection for your own personal publications list and a public gov. URL on the NIH Biosketch, please note that the public URL no longer displays the publications in the “Other Citations” collections. If you need assistance with your My Bibliography and a public gov. URL for your NIH Biosketch, please contact Cathy Sarli or Amy Suiter.

For more information, see the Becker Library My Bibliography page.