New Glaser Gallery Exhibit – A Legacy of Achievement

        Washington University Dental Department, Class of 1911.                    A class in Operative Dentistry, circa 1914.

The Becker Library is very pleased to announce a new exhibit A Legacy of Achievement: Washington University School of Dental Medicine is now open in the newly renovated Glaser Gallery on the 7th floor of the library.  This exhibit features artifacts, documents, books, and photos from the Dental School, as well as rare books from Becker Library’s Henry J. McKellops Collection in Dental Medicine.

        Dental School building at 4559 Scott Avenue.                    Washington University dental students, circa 1960s.

The university’s Dental School, which closed in 1991, had a long and proud history.  The School originated as the Missouri Dental College in 1866.  In its 125 years of existence, the school changed both its name and its location several times, yet always retained its commitment to the advancement of dental education and dentistry as a profession.

        The tooth-ache, 1848.                   The natural history of the human teeth, 1865.

The exhibit will be on display September 15, 2016 through January 2017.