Research Computing Resources During COVID-19

Image of corona virus overlaid on a screen displaying code.The new Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) Scientific Compute Platform is a high performance computing resource open to all WashU researchers. Billing for services will be waived until FY22 to give researchers time to use the service and budget for usage.

Recordings of the April compute platform training sessions are available via WUSTL Box. See the RIS website for more workshops.

Becker Library also offers a variety of workshops on research computing topics including R, Python, MATLAB and research computing basics. Visit our Research Computing page to access materials from previous workshops and sign up to be notified when new virtual sessions are scheduled.

In addition to research computing resources within the WashU community, the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium announced last month is beginning to ease access to research computing resources to support COVID-19 research. This consortium is a collaboration recently formed between the U.S. government, industry, and academic leaders, to provide free high performance computing resources for COVID-19 research.

If you have any questions related to research computing at Becker, please contact Maze Ndukum at