Scholarly Publishing Round-Up November 2018

Learn more about new videos from NIH, a new version of My Bibliography and a new retractions database.

Try Out a New Version of My Bibliography in NCBI Labs

NCBI is working on a new My Bibliography and needs your feedback. The new trial version of My Bibliography is an NCBI Labs experiment and incorporates many improved features over the existing My Bibliography, including a color-coded view of compliance status, filtering by compliance status, and functionality on your phone.


New NIH Peer Review Videos for Applicants. October 12, 2018.

NIH announced the release of two new videos by the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR).

Most new applicants for R01 or similar NIH research grants cannot attend one of NIH’s popular outreach presentations.  This video presents one of these presentations, which gives viewers insights into how their applications are reviewed so they can better navigate the NIH peer review process.

Applicants ask NIH countless questions as they ready their grant application for NIH peer review. This video enlisted 10 experts from the NIH Center for Scientific Review to answer the top 10 questions about the submission and review of NIH grant applications. Applicants with more questions are encouraged to visit CSR’s new Web page that presents the top 100 NIH peer review Q&As.


Retraction Watch Database Launched

Retraction Watch recently launched the Retraction Watch Database of more than 18,000 retractions, along with stories and infographics in partnership with Science Magazine.



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