Was Your Conference Canceled? How to Cite a Canceled Conference for a CV or My Bibliography

If your conference session was canceled due to COVID-19, you are able to cite the abstract as originally planned and add a note that the conference was canceled. Depending on which citation style you use for your CV, there are various ways to add a note as to a canceled conference.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) Citing Medicine Citation Style

The NLM’s guidance for canceled conferences is to note “[Conference session canceled].” after the title of the abstract.


  • Joubert, D. J. (2020, May 10–15). Best Practices for Dealing with Biomedical Data [Conference session canceled]. 12th Annual Congress of Data Scientist, Paris, France.

NCBI My Bibliography follows the NLM Citing Medicine Citation Style. Using the Add Citation Manually tool, select the template for Meeting Abstracts, and add “[Conference session canceled].” after the title in the Title of Paper field.

See Citing Medicine: Citing Conferences.


American Psychological Association (APA) Citation Style

The APA provides guidance and three examples for citing conferences that were canceled, held virtually, or postponed due to COVID-19 or other reasons.

See APA: Citing Conferences for a Canceled Conference Presentation.


Modern Language Association (MLA)

The MLA’s guidance for canceled conferences is to note “Conference canceled.” at the end of the citation.


  • Chen, Joanne. “Strategies for Teaching Grammar to First-Year College Students.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Milwaukee, WI, 25–28 Mar. 2020. Conference canceled.

See MLA: Conference Presentations.