2022 Annual Report

October 13, 2022

Welcome to Becker Medical Library’s annual report for the academic year 2021-22. It has been a year of growth, change and reimagining within the library. This is illustrated by the new format for this year’s annual report, centered around the concept of the library as a “digital hub” containing various “centers of excellence” within it.

As Becker Library settles into its new home within the Office of Health Information and Data Science (OHIDS), and in the midst of the university’s strategic planning around digital transformation, we have strengthened Becker Library’s position as a digital knowledge hub serving the medical school community and beyond.

Leveraging the widespread adoption of borderless digital platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Becker Library has seen its educational programs and outreach activities reach broader audiences.

Likewise, adopting Covidence, a new systematic review online tool, has made it easier for researchers to collaborate with each other, as well as with our librarians, leading to an increase in librarians named as systematic review co-authors.

We have worked with leaders throughout the campus to ensure researchers are prepared to comply with the upcoming NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. Becker Library has increased its staffing, developed online tools and resources, enhanced its digital data repository, and spearheaded an awareness campaign as part of a proactive approach to readiness.

Within our digital hub, we are defining and nurturing centers of excellence in:

  • Biomedical information
  • Searching and synthesis
  • Data science
  • History of medicine
  • Health and science communication
  • Scholarly communication and research impact
  • Institutional knowledge
  • Health and wellness information

Through these centers, we bring outstanding resources and services to the medical school community, distinguishing Becker Library as an invaluable catalyst for learning and discovery.

Please explore the pages of this report to learn more about the work going on in each of the centers.

Paul Schoening
Associate Dean and Director
Bernard Becker Medical Library

Biomedical Information

The library’s collection of books, journals, databases, and other resources that directly support the teaching, research, and patient care missions of the medical school.
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Searching and Synthesis

Identifying credible resources and using them effectively to answer complex questions. Bringing together information from a range of sources and disciplines to inform debates and decisions on specific issues.
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Data Science

Resources and services in support of data management, data sharing, data visualization, computation, and informatics.
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History of Medicine

Rare books and archives illuminating the birth of medicine as a scientific endeavor and Washington University’s place in medical history.
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Health and Science Communication

Resources and programs to enhance the communication of faculty, staff, and students to more effectively engage a diverse set of audiences.
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Scholarly Communication and Research Impact

Expertise in navigating the complex landscape of scholarly publishing, illustrating the impact of research, and strategies for making research more impactful.
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Institutional Knowledge

Tools and resources for identifying University expertise, connecting potential collaborators, and wayfinding for those seeking information from and about Washington University.
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Health and Wellness Information

Resources, programs, and partnerships to encourage healthy lifestyle habits among faculty, staff, students, and patients.
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2022 Annual Report