Health and Science Communication

Resource and programs to enhance the communication of faculty, staff, and students to more effectively engage a diverse set of audiences.

New Center for Health & Science Communication

Becker Library expanded its communication services in FY22 by launching the new Center for Health & Science Communication.

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A screenshot of the Center for Health and Science Communication website.
Visit the new website for the Center for Health and Science Communication.

The center’s launch was the culmination of years of service in these two areas. It was established to engage and instruct the School of Medicine community in the fundamentals of communication through workshops, training opportunities, and conversations with leaders in the field.  

To serve as a hub for health and science communication-related activities on campus, the center developed a website in January 2022, which promotes free communication resources and highlights relevant events to the campus community. 

SciComm Seminars  

To celebrate the launch of the center, Becker Library hosted #SciComm Week (September 27-30, 2021), highlighting trends in both health and science communication. More than 160 attendees participated in the week’s virtual events. The center hosted two additional #SciComm Seminars in FY22 outside of #Scicomm Week with 106 participants in attendance.  

FY22 Scicomm Seminars

#SciComm Seminars: Inclusion of Diverse Populations in Health Research.

Transforming Slide Design
Melissa Marshall 
Sept. 28, 2021 

Inclusion of Diverse Populations in Health Research
Joyce E. Balls-Berry, PhD, MPE 
Sept. 29, 2021 

Creating Connections: An Introduction to the Alda Method
Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science 
September 30, 2021 

Using Empathy to Become a Better Science Communicator
Rebecca Schwarzlose, PhD 
November 16, 2021 

Communicating with Policymakers to Maximize Impact
Karen Joynt Maddox, MD, MPH  
Timothy McBride, PhD  
April 13, 2022 

Plain Language Review Service

The Plain Language Review Service continued to work with several departments on campus, reviewing more than 120 pages of patient-facing materials in FY22. These materials included surgery guides, research surveys, and patient handouts. Additionally, Becker Library’s health communication specialist spoke to 336 attendees as both an invited speaker and curriculum lecturer on topics including:

Plain language

Clear communication

Media literacy in health care

2022 Annual Report