Health and Wellness Information

Resources, programs, and partnerships to encourage healthy lifestyle habits among faculty, staff, students, and patients.

The Feuerstein Health & Wellness Information Center added 83 new books. Wellness, DEI, and student-curated books saw over 300 checkouts. 

Popular titles this year included: 

  • “The Spirit catches you and you fall down: a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures” by Anne Fadiman 
  • “The turnaway study: ten years, a thousand women, and the consequences of having–or being denied–an abortion” by Diana Greene Foster, PhD 
  • “When breath becomes air” by Paul Kalanithi, foreword by Abraham Verghese 
  • “Rest is resistance: a manifesto” by Tricia Hersey 
  • “Stress-proof: the scientific solution to protect your brain and body–and be more resilient every day” by Mithu Storoni, MD, PhD 
  • “Smarter workouts: the science of exercise made simple” by Pete McCall 

Microgrant program

In partnership with the School of Medicine, The Feuerstein Health & Wellness Information Center offers small grants to fund projects that promote well-being among students, post-docs, residents and fellows.  

Twenty-three students applied for Feuerstein wellness micro-grants and $18,000 in grants were awarded to twenty students to fund:  

  • Pickle-ball court reservations 
  • A humanities writing program 
  • Trauma-care training 
  • Private yoga classes 
  • A barre class   
  • Gym equipment 
  • Tennis court reservations 
  • Badminton equipment 
  • A Bar-K event (dogs and owners)