Popular DEI Books for 2023

The Feuerstein Health & Wellness Library located in the atrium of Becker Library, contains many books on wellness but there is also a large, available collection of DEI books. Check out one of the five most popular!

Mastering Information

Brown Skin Matters

It may seem obvious that resources for learning about and diagnosing skin conditions should be inclusive of the variety of skin tones on which those conditions can appear, often with great variation depending on the skin tone. Yet many resources still predominantly use images of conditions on white skin. A recent story on NPR ¬†discussed  [Read more]

Mastering Information

New guide compiles resources for DBBS students

The new DBBS Education Resources Guide contains videos, teaching tools and e-resources for computer coding, laboratory techniques and science/grant writing. It is an ongoing work in progress and new resources can be added as they are identified by Becker librarians or DBBS (Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences). When DBBS needed a practical sustainable method  [Read more]


News about Ovid

Fee-based Ovid accounts will be deactivated July 1, 2018. Use of Ovid will be free to all Washington University School of Medicine faculty, staff and students on the WUSM network or while using remote access.