Browse WashUMed’s digital repository from anywhere

Digital Commons@Becker is a great resource for research, especially because it can be accessed remotely! Digital Commons@Becker is the medical school’s repository containing scholarly works such as journal articles, meeting abstracts, posters, newsletters, videos, annual reports and other materials produced by School of Medicine faculty and staff.

There are over 14,000 works in Digital Commons@Becker. The largest collection is the Open Access collection with 9,108 journal articles. Other collections include materials from the Human Research Protection Office and issues of Washington University’s Outlook Magazine dating back to the 1960s. Materials in Digital Commons@Becker are freely available with an internet connection, though some collections are restricted to users on the network.

Digital Commons@Becker is available as a free service to groups, departments, centers, divisions and programs affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine. Becker Library encourages submissions of new material from faculty, investigators, students, staff, groups and individuals on campus. Our staff will handle the processing and indexing of any materials submitted. Materials in Digital Commons@Becker are optimized for fast and accurate indexing in Google and Google Scholar, which enhances accessibility and discoverability. Contact us at to learn more about Digital Commons@Becker and how we can help groups or individuals get started.

Digital Commons NetworkDigital Commons@Becker is one of 587 institutions worldwide in the Digital Commons network. There are over 3.5 million works in the Digital Commons network, which includes materials not typically found in databases such as white papers, minutes, announcements and other gray literature. To search all the repositories, use the federated search tool (Search Entire Network) on the Digital Commons Network page. A recent search of “COVID-19” produced over 2,800 results!