History of Central Institute for the Deaf Book Now Available in Digital Commons@Becker

Becker Library is proud to announce that we are hosting a digital copy of the book “The History of Central Institute for the Deaf” in our institutional repository for the School of Medicine, Digital Commons@Becker, where it can be freely accessed. The book contains a chronology of significant events related to Central Institute for the Deaf (CID), and starts in 1870 with the birth of Max A. Goldstein, founder of CID, and continues to 1981. The History of Central Institute for the Deaf book also includes many photographs, and highlights over 30 individuals associated with CID such as Hallowell Davis, Rafael Lorente de Nó, Ira Hirsch, and others. The author of the book, Helen S. Lane, started her 40-plus-year tenure at CID as a psychologist who developed intelligence tests for deaf children and later served as principal of the CID School.

Max A. Goldstein, a St. Louis otologist, founded CID in 1914 with the goal of physicians and teachers working together to teach deaf children to speak. Goldstein’s vision for CID included a professional education program for training teachers of the deaf (now WUSM’s Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences), a free hearing clinic, and a research division devoted to hearing and deafness (now WUSM’s Department of Otolaryngology).