NCBI is Transitioning to Federated Credentials in June 2021

NCBI will be transitioning from NCBI-managed login credentials to federated account login credentials managed by eRA Commons, Google or by a university point of access (WUSTL Key).  NCBI-managed login credentials currently allow users to login to their MyNCBI portal for resources such as PubMed, My Bibliography, and SciENcv. NCBI-managed login credentials also allow users to submit data to NCBI or manuscripts to the NIH Manuscript Submission system (NIHMS). Transitioning to federated account login credentials will ensure additional privacy and security for users.

This change will not affect any saved searches in PubMed, biosketches in SciENcv, citations in My Bibliography, or data submitted to NCBI resources. The only change is the login route you will use to access your NCBI account.

If you currently use your eRA Commons credentials to login to NCBI, no further action is required. Please note that eRA Commons will require for users as of September 15, 2021. See: Upcoming Login Changes for eRA Commons and NCBI Users.

If you currently use NCBI-managed login credentials you will need to select one of the following federated account login options:

To get started, login to NCBI:, and click on your user name in the top right of the page to access your Settings page.

Scroll down to find the Linked Accounts section. Select the Change button.

Scroll to find All Available Partner Accounts and select one of the options for a federated account login. To use your WUSTL Key as a federated account login, enter Washington University in the search box and select Washington University in St. Louis. You will be prompted to enter your WUSTL Key for authentication purposes.

As follows is a screenshot that displays a linked account with Washington University.

This transition to a federated account login may also have the potential to impact BJC hospital users (and others on campus) who do not have a WUSTL Key and may not be able to use Google due to security reasons. The National Library of Medicine recommends that these users register for


For questions related to the federated login, please contact the National Library of Medicine Help Desk.

For any other questions, please contact AskBecker.

This post was updated May 19, 2021.