Scholarly Publishing Round-up December 2021

Learn more about the differences between the public access policies for the NCI Cancer Moonshot program and NIH, changes to the NIH Biosketch, ORCID profile updates, and more.

NCI Cancer Moonshot Public Access and Data Sharing Policy

Investigators funded by the NCI Cancer Moonshot program need to comply with the NCI Public Access and Data Sharing Policy. While the NCI Moonshot Policy requires a PMCID for demonstration of compliance, it has different requirements from the NIH Public Access Policy. See the NIH and NCI Moonshot Comparison Table for more information.

NIH Biosketch

Just a reminder that the NIH Biosketch has been reformatted and the new version is required for applications and RPPR submissions on or after January 25, 2022. Two changes are:

  • Removal of Section D: Research Support. Applicants may include details on ongoing and completed research projects from the past three years that they want to draw attention to within Section A: Personal Statement.
  • Renaming of Section B: Positions and Honors. Section B has been renamed to: Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors. These should be listed in reverse chronological order.


Want to track preprints from over 20 different preprint platforms? A search alert can be created in Europe/PMC using an ORCID, Twitter or a Europe/PMC account to be notified when new preprints are added to Europe/PMC. As of December 2021 there are nearly 400,000 preprint records in Europe/PMC. To learn more, see: Alerts for topics, authors, preprints, and more.

ORCID has updated My ORCID UI for users of ORCID iD. Earlier in 2021, My ORCID UI experienced a major update to the UI of the public (non-editable) view of ORCID records, but the most recent updates to the user interface make changes to your ORCID record smoother and easier by focusing on five key principles: efficiency, performance, clarity, coherency and accessibility. “With these updates, researchers can focus more time on their research and less on record maintenance.” You can read more about these updates at ORCID’s Blog.


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