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Vaccinae vindicia: an 1806 defense of vaccination

Some say that the coronavirus vaccines are a ploy to inject the public with microchips that will constantly track your location; others claim that they’ll hook you up to the 5G network and make you explode. Some people think that the vaccine will rewrite your DNA in order to work, while others tweet about how  [Read more]


Becker-curated vaccine resources, Chief Data Scientist’s official regional vaccine waiting lists

As we progress through the national COVID-19 vaccination process, access to reliable and credible vaccine information is critical for ourselves, our patients, and our community. To this end, Becker Library’s Guide to COVID-19 Resources is now updated with library-curated resources on the COVID-19 vaccine and its development, including WashU Chief Data Scientist Philip Payne’s list  [Read more]

Archives and Rare Books

The Anti-vaccination Movement: History, satire, and body politics

Vaccination. The word, coined by Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) as a combination of the Latin word for cow, “vacca,” and the Latin word for cowpox, “vaccinia,” has carried emotional weight from its inception as a scientific endeavor to control smallpox, an infectious disease. Today, the word “vaccine” likely provokes immediate, charged associations with other words  [Read more]

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National Immunization Awareness Month

The transition from summer to fall is a great time to take action and protect your health by getting vaccinated, the process that leads to immunization so that you are protected from diseases.