Health & Science Communication

Health and science communication is a core service area in Becker Library’s Research, Publishing and Communication division, which provides a wide variety of customized programs, services, and expertise to assist faculty, investigators, and students in navigating a complex and ever-changing research publishing and biomedical communication landscape.

Increasing awareness of the library’s health and science communication programs over the past few years has led to a steady uptick in usage as well as a greater diversity of projects as users look to ensure that solid health literacy practices and clear communication are incorporated into their patient care and research activities.


Using interview data from current and former clinic patients, the library’s health communication specialist worked with orthopedic surgery faculty to create an educational tool that will help new patients understand what to expect during their treatment for brachial plexus injury (BPI) and how BPI may affect multiple aspects of their lives. This project spanned most of the year and included reviewing more than 200 pages of interview coding data to assist in the development of the guide, which is now under review by former patients before final publication.

FY20 Health & Science Communication Activities by the Numbers


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