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Barnes Medical College, Class of 1904

Barnes Medical College, Class of 1904: a magnificent composite photo

This magnificent composite photo of the Barnes Medical College Faculty with the Class of 1904 is typical of the splendid geometric design of class photos of the period in our photograph collection. Thanks to an item inventory of the map cases of...

Washington University School of Medicine Faculty as seen (and snapped) by the Class of 1939 (Darwin Neubauer and Edward H. Reinhard Photographs, VC004)

Darwin Neubauer and Edward H. Reinhard collected 17 snapshots taken by their classmates of the Washington University Class of 1939. The informal pictures include a bird’s eye view of grand rounds in the Barnes Hospital amphitheater (the Pit),...
Plate 19 Neuro pathology of Alzheimer's Disease drawn by Gaetano Perusini 1910

The art of Alois Alzheimer and Gaetano Perusini

Aloysius ‘Alois” Alzheimer (1864-1915 (Ramirez-Bermudez 2012, 595), was born 150 years ago.  He was a clinical psychiatrist and a neuropathologist best known for describing the first published case of Alzheimer’s disease...
Ruth Paxson with a primary class at the Central Institute for the Deaf, 1923

Ruth Paxson: CID’s (Central Institute for the Deaf) first teacher

While at work on an exhibit celebrating the centenary of the Central Institute for the Deaf, I discovered an interesting picture of a Ruth Paxton at work with a primary class at CID in 1923. The picture is on page 21 of The History of Central...

Newly cataloged from the H. Richard Tyler Collection: The afferent nervous system from a new aspect by Henry Head, W.H. R. Rivers, M.D. and James Sherren.

This article by Henry Head with Rivers and Sherren is a famous case of auto-experimentation. Henry Head, physician to the London Hospital and a prominent British neurologist, is one of many scientists who have experimented on themselves.

Women at work at Washington University Medical School: Perihan Cambel, 1948

Recently in our archives, I discovered a picture of a woman at work in a laboratory of the Washington University Medical School in 1948.
Fig. 1: Reinier de Graaf at the age of 25 in 1666

Anatomists Who Were Artists I: Reinier de Graaf

Reinier de Graaf (1641-1673), a 17th century Dutch physician, is regarded as the founder of modern reproductive biology.