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Spotlight on Washington University in St. Louis: 2015-2017 Publications

As follows is a brief overview of the 2015-2017 publications produced by authors from Washington University in St. Louis using Elsevier Scopus and SciVal. Scopus is a large database of peer-reviewed literature that contains 69 million publication records representing 25,000 journals and other sources worldwide covering the Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities. SciVal  [Read more]


Read along with the Special Collections Book Club

After a great start with Nina Siegal’s “The Anatomy Lesson,” we’re excited to announce that our next book selection will be “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks. Published in 2001, the novel was inspired by the true story of Eyam, England. “When an infected bolt of cloth carries plague from London to an isolated village, a housemaid  [Read more]

Archives and Rare Books

The Anti-vaccination Movement: History, satire, and body politics

Vaccination. The word, coined by Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) as a combination of the Latin word for cow, “vacca,” and the Latin word for cowpox, “vaccinia,” has carried emotional weight from its inception as a scientific endeavor to control smallpox, an infectious disease. Today, the word “vaccine” likely provokes immediate, charged associations with other words  [Read more]

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Empathy: A critical skill for patient-centered communication

Patients highlight listening and empathy – “the ability to understand the patient’s situation, perspective, and feelings and to communicate that understanding to the patient”1 – as two of the most important qualities they look for when choosing a physician. Despite this, studies of patient-physician communication show that physicians interrupt their patients, on average, within the  [Read more]

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“Advanced PubMed Search Tips” video tutorial now available

PubMed is a commonly used database, but it can sometimes be challenging to search. Becker librarians have produced a brief tutorial to assist users in improving their PubMed skills: Advanced Pubmed Search Tips from Becker Medical Library on Vimeo. The tutorial covers using Boolean, nesting, truncation and field tags to create more effective PubMed search  [Read more]

Archives and Rare Books

Arshav Nushan: Immigrant, Orderly and Jazzerino

When the United States entered World War I, Base Hospital 21, the medical reserve unit based at the Washington University Medical Center, placed a call for volunteers as the U.S. had yet to institute the draft. There was a great response from the public. In a nation of immigrants, many enthusiastically joined up in support  [Read more]

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Clinical Quality Improvement Support at Becker

Becker librarians offer robust information retrieval and management services to support clinical quality improvements by providing comprehensive literature searches, setting up customized alerts on topics of interest, and organizing resources for team-members and groups.

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