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Change in PubMed Full Text Link Protocol

PubMed is updating how its full-text links work. Previously, the library’s “Full Text @ Becker” icon displayed in the top right corner of the abstract only when the full text of the article was available via the library’s subscriptions (provided you had accessed PubMed via the Becker website). Going forward, a “Get it @ Becker”  [Read more]

Archives and Rare Books

Suffering for Beauty

The weather is finally starting to warm up as we move into summer, which means it’s also time to switch from winter to summer clothes. This probably means cotton and short sleeves instead of wool and sweaters, but one item that will almost certainly not appear in anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of the season, is the  [Read more]

Archives and Rare Books

Carbon 14, The Cyclotroneers, and Washington University

Martin Kamen is not a household name today, but his synthesis of Carbon 14 in February 1940 was the first of many achievements in his long career as a chemist. In 1944, Kamen, a chemist in the new field of radiochemistry, worked for the Manhattan Project at Berkeley Radiation Laberatory and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The  [Read more]


5-Minute Clinical Consult 2020 update available in the uCentral app

The latest 2020 update to 5-Minute Clinical Consult is now available from Unbound Medicine. The next time you update your uCentral app you will automatically receive the latest 2020 update to 5-Minute Clinical Consult. Newly added content includes Internet Gaming Disorder and a new algorithm for Tinnitus. A variety of mobile medical apps are available  [Read more]

Scholarly Publishing

NCBI My Bibliography: New Interface

A new version of NCBI My Bibliography was launched earlier this week and includes a new interface. Other features include a color-coded view of compliance status, filtering by compliance status, and functionality on your phone. One big change is that the “My Bibliography” and “Other Citations” collections have been combined into one collection. This will  [Read more]


Search, Discover, Connect – Introducing the Profiles at Washington University School of Medicine portal

Today the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) and the School of Medicine Office of the Dean are launching a pilot of a faculty profile information system called Profiles at Washington University School of Medicine ( Profiles is a publicly accessible and easily searchable knowledge base for exploring the expertise and research interests of  [Read more]

Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly Publishing Round-up May 2019

Check your name in Scopus, learn more about Plan S and the outcome of the FTC complaint against the OMICS Group. Check your Name Profile in Scopus Do you have published research? Chances are your author profile is already in Scopus, a large research abstract and citation database. Check your name in Scopus using the  [Read more]

Science and Informatics

Research Data Storage, Data Curation, & Compute Seminar

Join the Research IT Services team and the University Libraries for an overview of high-performance research storage services available at WUSTL. The Research Storage Project provides access to 5TB of active high-performance data storage at no cost to WUSTL faculty members. This seminar will provide technical information and training on the storage services and research  [Read more]

Mastering Information

A Tale of Two Databases: Embase and PubMed

Two of Becker Medical Library’s most popular biomedical databases are Embase and PubMed. While there are similarities between the databases, there are also benefits to using both to be comprehensive in locating the most literature. Additionally, while users may be less familiar with Embase than PubMed, we particularly recommend using Embase in situations where coverage  [Read more]

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